Extensions to ENVI to perform Getis statistics, ACCA, ROI manipulation and more

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Welcome to the RTWTools site

RTWTools is a set of extensions to the ENVI remote-sensing image processing software. These extensions consist of various tools and utilities that I wrote while doing my BSc and PhD degrees at the University of Southampton.

Getis Example


RTWTools contains various tools to do useful things within the ENVI environment. It includes tools to:

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Source Code: The source-code for RTWTools is released under an open-source license. Click the Source tab at the top of the page to browse and download it.


Version 0.92 has been released. This fixes a major bug which has been found in the routine which calculates Getis statistic values. This means that the numbers previously output by the routine will be wrong, although the spatial pattern will still be correct. This updated version fixes this problem.

Version 0.9 has been released. This is a major bugfix release and fixes a number of problems with the Getis and CV calculation routines. Please download this update.

Version 0.84 has been released. This includes a new tool to calculate the 3D surface area to planimetric surface area ratio, and also updates the 3D surface area calculation tool to ensure that the pixel size is set correctly in the output image.

Version 0.83 has been released. This includes a new version of the ROI Statistics tool, allowing statistics to be performed on multiple ROIs at the same time, in a batch process.

Version 0.82 has now been released. A major bug with the Surface Area calculation has been fixed. Please download the updated version.

Version 0.8 has been released with a new tool (Caculate Surface Area from DEM). The manual has also been updated at last.

Version 0.6.7 has now been released, and has actually been compiled properly now! This means that the file size is much smaller (about 100kb rather than 9.8Mb!) and it should work fine on any computer, with any recent version of ENVI.

Contact Me

I've created a Google Group Google Group for discussion about RTWTools. Please post any feature requests, bug reports or other comments there.